Semester in Cologne is coming to an end

It’s almost over. For the past 4 months I did 2 mid-term and 1 short-term project, 1 scientific seminar and 1 technical seminar at Köln International School of Design (KISD).

eBay King 2 (mid-term, Prof. Paolo Tumminelli)
The intention of the project was to find out whether it is always true that bad design does not sell well – while looking at the online marketplace at eBay. During the project we formed several groups who had to sell products in different variantions using eBay.
The whole topic was really interesting, but the outcome of the project could have been more.

Your application on the web (mid-term, Richard Jungkunz)
What role does the web play nowadays when you’re looking for a job or when you want to offer your services. How popular is it for HR managers? What can you do to take advantage of the web concerning job applications?
We discussed these and several other aspects during this project. For this project I re-did my website, which you are currently looking at.

Personalised websites (short-term, Andreas Beutel)
In one week we had to think about how websites could personalised and use our experiences when working on a real task. This task was to make suggestions for improvements on the KISD-intranet.

Seminar: Identity (scientific seminar, Prof. Heiner Jacob)
Several aspects related to corporate design and corporate identity were discussed in this seminar. It was quite interesting to hear about those things from someone who worked in that business for more than 30 years.

Content Management with Typo3 (technical seminar, Andreas Beutel)
Andreas introduced us to the ever-growing popular CMS Typo3. As I wanted to learn how to use this CMS in a practical way, I used Typo3 to redo my site.

All in all, it was the right decision to come to Cologne and to study here for 1 semester. It was an experience indeed. But after 4 months and all these troubles with my room at the UNI-Center, I am quite happy to go back to Vienna. And I am really looking forward to my internship in NYC.