London: Moving In

I departed from Vienna at 7:05 in the morning and began my “Yahoo!-Europe Adventure” Saturday, May 12. Not everything went as planned, but I am finished now with unpacking and look forward to the things to come.

The flight with Austrian was pretty smooth, but due to construction works, the trip from Heathrow Airport to Camden Town tube station took a little bit longer than I had expected. The guy from the real estate company handed over the flat to me, and I was really surprised by the nice and thoughtful service. After that, there were some problems with the forwarding agent I hired to ship my stuff from Vienna to London. First, there was a delay regarding the delivery, and then he refused to deliver my boxes up to the 3rd floor (although this agreement was part of the contract). Anyways, after some negotiation I was able to convince him to actually deliver my boxes into my new apartment. I don’t want to think about how I would have dealt with that 2 metre IKEA cupboard on my own.

Saturday evening and night I started unpacking but finishing it that night was impossible. The place was just crammed full of moving boxes. Unfortunately, I did not get much sleep then cause I found out that the location of the flat (near Camden Town tube station, with lots of shops and bars on Camden High Street) is also its big disadvantage. Apart from my stays in NYC and Cologne, I was always used to live in quiet areas, with almost no traffic noise. How lucky I was. Now I need to get used to hear about 30 cars per minute passing by and some buses every couple of minutes stopping and starting. The first night was horrible and I barely got about 3 hours of sleep. Additionally, at about 3am in the morning the traffic noise was supplemented with screams of drunken people walking by on the street to the bus stop, I believe. How nice. But guess what: I already ordered ear plugs :-).So this is the big downside that I see so far.

Today, Sunday, I was able to unpack the rest of my stuff and store it accordingly. It is basically making the best out of little space. Here are some pictures:

  • Kitchenette
  • My 'working area'
  • At least I have a balcony *g*
  • View from balcony towards Camden High Street

Tomorrow is my first day at Yahoo!. Really looking forward to it. Will let you know how it goes :-).