First week in London at Yahoo!

First week in London is done and dusted. And I am still alive. Well, no, just kiddin. It was actually a really good start. But as I had to learn and adapt to new things, I am a bit stressed out as well and try to relax this weekend.

I kinda expected that my MacBook Pro would not be ready on my start date, they told me that it might take a couple more weeks until I get it. But my tears dried quickly, cause they gave me my monitor. It’s always nice to have a 24” flat panel screen to work with :-). Apart from such administrative stuff (I received my final badge Friday), I spent most of the time getting familiar with the project that I will be working on with Drew over the next couple of months and getting up to speed with the YUI library.

Yahoo! Logo behind the front desk

I haven’t done anything with YUI before. So getting to know what the library has to offer and learning the singleton/module pattern syntax introduced by Douglas Crockford caused me some headaches this week. It’s really great stuff, but I need to get used to it and learn how it works.

Apart from relaxing, I actually won’t do much this weekend. I am gonna play a bit with the YUI stuff and start converting my current javascript files to the YUI and the new syntax. Well, what else…I definitely should go running in Regent’s Park, cause it’s kinda nice outside.