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WordPress Plugin: Shrinkr

"More power!", as Tim Taylor from the TV sitcom "Home Improvement" would say. Don't we all want more power, more performance from our web sites? I was working on a WordPress plugin that enables you to bump up the speed of your site by minification of your CSS and JavaScript files. And now finally found time to release it. Continue…


Once for every project you do you stumble upon them: favicons. And every time I struggle to remember what it is I need to pay attention to when creating them. So here is another guide for the next time I come across the to-do item "Create a favicon". Continue…

Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Leopard

Having a proper Web Development environment set up on your development machine is essential to test and, well, develop. As I had to go through that process again recently, I thought that documenting it for future reference might be a good idea. Continue…

Module Pattern vs. Custom Objects

I have written about different JavaScript Programming Patterns before, but this time it is more about answering the question: Can you achieve the same thing with the Module Pattern as with Custom Objects? News at 11. Continue…

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