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I graduated from University in 2006 in Austria and wrote my diploma thesis on Location Based Services. I talked about the foundations and technologies that need to be in place in order to provide such a service to users of cell phones and mobile devices. To round it up, I developed a prototype for a Location Based Service (a restaurant guide) in J2ME as well as a corresponding website.

The application on the mobile phone would give you a list of restaurants, bars, cafes etc. in your proximity, as well as details about their type of cuisine, opening hours, price range etc. and how other people have rated that particular place. Based on whatever the occasion was—whether you are planning a relaxed dine-out with your family or having a more intoxicated night with friends—the tool would recommend you the best place in your area.

While I was working on the prototype, writing my thesis and then putting the layout together in InDesign, I wasn’t thinking that a publisher would ever get interested in my work.

But the less you expect something, the happier you are when it actually happens. About 2 months ago I received an email from VDM Verlag in Germany saying that they found my thesis in the library of the university and would be interested in publishing it. “How awesome is that!”, was about the reaction I had. After putting all the required details about the book into their online system and reformatting a few things to fit their requirements, I got the confirmation that everything looks good and it is off to the printers.

And now, just in time for Christmas :-), I am happy to see my book being available on Amazon.com and Amazon.de. It is in German, so sorry to my non-German-speaking friends. I will most likely never reach the author status of my colleague Christian Heilmann, who wrote about 167 books about web development related topics, but I am very happy to see this and it makes me feel proud to see that all the work I put in at that time is now available to a wider audience. It is a really great feeling and I feel very content how it all turned out.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karl-Heinz Weidmann, who was my thesis advisor, and Werner Flatz, who I worked together with during the development of my application.

10 Comments on “Location Based Services – my book on Amazon

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  2. Awesome news Klaus.

    Like Glen, I wish I could read German as I wouldn’t mind seeing what you wrote about. Maybe it would be worth translating for all your non-German speaking colleagues/friends to enjoy?

  3. Hi Klaus,

    Many congratulations on getting a book published. I have just ordered a copy. I’m hoping it will be useful in a couple of projects I have coming up shortly. I’ll let you know how I get on!

  4. First of all, thanks everybody for their kind words!

    Incredibly awesome to hear that you ordered a copy. As said, it is in German, just so you know…:-)

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