Text to speech functionality in web applications using the iSpeech API

By this point it is probably obvious that being able to use this text-to-speech API from within HTML documents using regular web technologies is pretty powerful. However, there is a catch to it in the name of costs. The web API key that we created is free for the first 500 words being transformed to audio by the API (you can check your key’s total word balance on the settings page of the key). If you exceed that limit, you have to pay, $50 for 1000 word credits to be exact, which essentially means that you can only feasibly use this API in some sort of premium app setting where your revenue generated can cover for these costs. While I would love this technology to be free, I can understand that it is not, considering the amount of work that goes into developing such piece of software.

The upside is, however, that iSpeech in addition to the REST API also offers SDKs for pretty much all popular mobile platforms, such as the iPhone, and API keys generated for these do not have any word quota imposed on them. Maybe another good reason to start learning Objective-C.

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  1. frank:

    Pretty nice API. It seems like it’s free for mobile apps and that the pricing is lower now for Web. Thanks for the write-up

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